Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Is there life after death? - 14 December 2005

And do I care?

Eight weeks and three days ago it didn’t bother me. My view was if there is life after death how exciting, how wonderful, how enlightening; if not … well I won’t be ‘there’ to worry about it; so who cares – if there is, there is, and if there isn’t, .

So do I care? Well I didn’t, until the 16th October at around 17:56; which is when my two lovely boys were killed. So now I ponder, not about my future existence, but about theirs. They certainly live on in the hearts and minds of so many people. However, do they live on in some other way as well?

I am not religious and I have trouble understanding the religious view that there is a higher purpose as to why my boys have died so young, when they had so much to live for.

However, even outside of a religious context one can still pose the question of life after death. The scientist in me would like proof – I’m sceptical, but open minded of such things – there are so many things we do not yet understand or comprehend. So now when I hear someone has been in contact with the boys … my boys, what should I do?

One thing I do know is that, regardless of whether there is life after death, you should still live each day to the full, because yes, it could be your last; and why waste what precious time you have on this mortal earth.

As to whether there is life after death …

I sit here; stare at their picture and wonder.