Friday, 4 November 2005

The Fog - 4 November 2005

There is a fog all around, obscuring the road. I cannot see the road ahead – I cannot tell what awaits me on my journey; I do not know what I will find on the road; I do not even know my destination or the direction I travel. I only know I must move on … but for the moment it is not possible. The way ahead is too obscure to even tread slowly. I stand still, only seeing the ground at my feet … wondering.

I cannot see behind, but I remember the path I have taken. I remember all of the forks in the road; all of the decisions I’ve made. I wonder if I had made different choices, would I now be striding forward under blue skies and sunshine, instead of standing here still in the swirling mist. I want to go back along the road – I want to take another route, but the fog won’t let me. I am trapped in the present and I feel all alone. I so long to be back with them once more - back in the sunshine.

I know my journey will and must continue, however, for the moment, I cannot see how. I can only see the fog and only have my memories to comfort me.

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