Monday, 31 October 2005

My words for Kieran and Milo - 31 October 2005

It’s hard to think how mere words can convey how much I adored you, my lovely boys; and harder still to comprehend life without you.

So many things remind me of our times together: places we went; things we laughed at; games we played together.

I still play the game in the car and I can still hear you spotting yellow convertible minis quicker than me.

I remember standing on the footbridge by the Maltings and you Kieran, not only telling me the name of the fish swimming below, but also its feeding habits; and you Milo, after watching a film recently, reciting whole scenes, even with the right accents.

I will remember you both for those special moments, like the other day when Kieran spotted a squirrel and whispered to me and Milo to tell us where it was.

Although you both had the occasional brotherly quarrel, when things mattered you were always there for each other, always supporting one another; and I know you will be looking out for each other now.

I will always wonder what would have been: what you would have done; what you would have been like. However, I will always remember the wonderful boys you are and how much love and enjoyment you gave to others.

Whether the names be …

Kieran and Milo;
Peanut and
Babba Deux; or
Kiwi Dude and Meatloaf …

you will forever be my lovely boys; and I will always love you.

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